Aims and objectives

Aims and objectives

The exquisiteness of a professional game is instilled in many players, many of whom are league and top level players and require a very high level of quality in the cloth and the behaviour of the ball on it, which is essential for the technical development of the professional cloth.

It is called professional cloth because it is the flagship of the brand, although there are different products and of course different qualities, but always with minimum requirements in technical terms and in the composition of the material.

The marketing aim is therefore to meet all the niches in the market, offering products at competitive prices and high quality, in each specialty.


HRD is constantly evolving, working on the creation of a complete and more advanced catalogue, with different textures and colours for adapting to the new markets and to new demands and preferences in the world of enthusiast and professional billiards. HRD therefore understands that for complete adaptation, it is essential to also consider commercial innovation, creating and developing custom material for each market, player and customer.