Work philosophy

Work philosophy

HRD is aware of the difficulty this entails, its raison d’être in creating the brand is therefore a focus on the highest quality. The cloths, all of them, including the simplest cloths, are made of a high percentage of wool, mostly Australian, which is considered one of the best wools in the world, a live product that gives the cloth a special feel, smoothness and extraordinary ductility.

The manufacturing process, from weaving through to gilding and finishing is directly supervised by HRD, thereby guaranteeing that the quality in each process through to finalisation is the highest quality.

Leaders in the manufacturing process

The work of HRD, which can be clearly seen in its track record, involves extensive marketing efforts. Exhaustive but only marketing... Launching into various markets, making contacts, searching for customers... All in all, essential work for a company that is a merchant company at heart. But what would the value of the marketing efforts be without a good product? Well, nothing, or almost nothing. 

However, HRDs specialism is manufacturing, the synergies created by a company that continually seeks new markets and venturing into the unknown, trusting in HRD to continue its expansion far from the usual markets.

Today we can say with pride that the product launched into the market has been entirely created by HRD. An entrepreneurial effort, without which it would have been impossible to have created a product of the highest quality and... 100% Spanish-made.

Ecology and the environment

The company's manufacturing process, accredited by the ISO 9001 standard, guarantees an extensive control procedure in which each phase systematically complies with standards that must have the highest respect for the environment, which is without a doubt one of the marks of the brand’s identity.


Competition is the constant factor that must be taken into consideration in marketing any product. What would be a good product without another to compete against? Understanding competition in manufacturing, the search for excellence... or obtaining something similar. This is our reason for being and also our objective: to sell, yes, but a only product of excellence... To compete but only by offering the best... A company that is touch with the market... Loyal to the product and consumers... And focused on improvement, on research into new products and related matters that may seem small but that add value to the cloth.