HRD strategy

Presence in the Spanish and international markets

Even though the product in general may be offered practically entirely throughout the world, for obvious reasons, the most interesting products for export, due to the brand’s prestige, are those of of the highest quality, the Granito Exeo and Elite Pro, which are manufactured with league players in the world of official competition in mind. HRD is currently present, in the launch into market phase, in the following countries:

France, United Kingdom, Germany, Finland, Greece, Turkey, South Korea, Japan, United States of America, Mexico, Colombia and Bolivia.

Obviously also in Spain, the starting point. Although unfortunately in principle Spain's presence in the world of billiards compared with some of the countries listed, even with major professionals and world champions its ranks, it is notably lower. This handicap, known by HRD in its commercial strategy, also acts as a spur, impacting modernisation of the Spanish market. Modernisation is understood as competition, adding other qualities such as proximity to the market, knowledge of people related to the world of professional billiards, in regional and national leagues, the clubs, etc., extensive knowledge of the different billiards events and a Spanish product of the highest quality to compete in the Spanish and international markets, although the idea is always to profoundly impact the Spanish market, which is the starting point for positioning HRD abroad. There is no doubt that without a remarkable impact on the Spanish market, penetration into international markets will be resistant.

Market expectations

As is known, the basic commercial intention of a company is growth. In current times, with battered global markets, when not systematically beaten by the crisis, it is a great challenge to position and expand a company. With knowledge of the economic context, and the current socio-economic climate, HRD is committed to risk, to commitment and to quality. 

Trying to open a gap in the different markets, the countries mentioned above in general and in Spain in particular is not easy, it requires hard work and persistence and although the company is not commercially aggressive, it is reiterative in terms of making contact with representatives of clubs, regional, Spanish and international leagues, professional players and also Spanish and foreign enthusiasts.

Being present in the manufacturing process inspires trust. HRD believes that this is essential for the seating of the cloths and highly important not only for commercial and evolution at an international level, but also as a reference for improving quality. The manufacture of billiard tables is, must be, the main market for establishing the quality offered by HRD, increasing its global knowledge and definitively expanding.